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Missouri Delta Medical Center is Recognized as One of the Top 10% of Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities in the United States

Inpatient Rehabilitation is the process of assisting those who have a disabling condition due to injury of illness. Inpatient Rehab builds strength, endurance and independence with a goal of returning patients to their prior independent life style. It helps to keep patients at home for a longer amount of time keeping them out of extended living centers. Inpatient Rehab builds encouragement by working with patients on home safety and education regarding new diagnoses.

Family members often times have to work together and need support to be able to adjust to changes as a result of their loved one's disability. The Rehabilitation Team helps both the patient and the family to make these adjustments.

11 private rooms with 24-hour nursing care

Patients participate in a minimum of three hours of therapy per day which includes a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapy

Located on the 2nd floor of Missouri Delta Medical Center


Cited for care that is effective, efficient, timely and patient-centered. 

"Award winning rehab doesn't just happen, it requires a lot of work.  I am proud to see the unit getting the recognition it deserves." -Stephen Welton, MD, Medical Director of Inpatient Rehab