Patient Friendly Billing and Price Transparency

Missouri Delta Medical Center and PatientMatters, LLC have joined forces to meet the current healthcare trend known as “Patient Friendly Billing and Price Transparency.”  Patients want to know how much a procedure/service it is going to cost them before having it done....just as they would when buying any other product or service.

On Monday, January 23, 2017 a new program called "Pre-Access" will begin at Missouri Delta Medical Center.  Patients will be contacted by the admissions department regarding their scheduled service/procedure. This call is to gather information to pre-register patients prior to their arrival and thus eliminate the need to stop at the admissions desk for registration. The patient will then be able to proceed directly to the department within Missouri Delta Medical Center to have their services performed.

In addition, by contacting the patient ahead of time, any financial responsibility can be taken care of and if a patient would need financial assistance, an appointment with a financial counselor can be scheduled.  Missouri Delta Medical Center's reasons for doing this are to decrease the amount of wait time that a patient spends at the hospital, ensure the patient has a clear expectation of what the cost of the services are and to have the patients make well informed decisions regarding their fiscal responsibilities. 

If you would like to receive an estimate on cost of a procedure/service your physician has prescribed, call (573) 472-7171. All we need from you is your insurance information and the 5 digit code of the procedure from your doctor.