Are you Dizzy?

Take the quiz and submit your answers at the end. A therapist specializing in vestibular rehab will review your answers and contact you directly (if you want)! 
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Do certain movements or speed of movements make you dizzy? 
Have you had a recent cold or infection and are now dizzy? 
Have you had a fall or accident and now you feel dizzy? 
Do you lose your place while reading or vision gets blurred? 
When you are lying down, looking up, or rolling over in bed…do you feel like the world is moving around you? 
Do you feel motion sickness when looking at moving objects? 
Does driving in heavy traffic, looking at passing cars before changing lanes,or pulling into traffic cause you to feel dizzy? 
Do you feel like you are being pulled in a different direction? 
Have you been taking motion sickness medication for an extended amount of time? 
Do you experience dizziness when you have a migraine headache? 
List any symptoms you have here. 
Would you like a specialist to contact you if your quiz results show you could benefit from vestibular rehab?