Combating Allergies

Fall allergies got you down? Once the pollen and ragweed find it, it seems like they never go away. Especially as the seasons change, the coughing, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes become a part of daily life. Here are a few remedies to help you cope!

Mind your diet.

Allergies have been linked to food, and some studies show that foods like salmon, tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds, and eggs may help combat allergy inflammation. And though there hasn’t been any scientific evidence, many people claim that eating local honey reduces allergy symptoms, too.

Keep your home allergen free.

During allergy season, you may need to kick your house chores up a notch. Because you will bring allergens in on your clothes, shoes, and even skin, it’s important to regularly wash your bed sheets and change your air filters.

Wash up.

As strange as it may seem, washing your eyes multiple times a day will help rid your lashes and lids of pollen. You can also take care to find antihistamine eye drops and a 24 hour over-the-counter allergy medication that works for you.