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“I just can’t thank everyone enough for the outstanding treatment my son Will received when he broke his arm. First with the Athletic Trainer Zach at the [Sikeston] Field House. He was great at keeping Will calm and getting his arm stabilized for transport. Then at the Emergency Room at MDMC, everyone was so good with him. Especially Dr. Rodriguez, who came in and set the break. And finally, all the staff at MDMC Orthopaedics for our follow up. Sikeston is extremely fortunate to have such qualified people care of our athletes.”

Sarah G.

“The level of care and treatment Caroline has received from Dr. Rodriguez, Laura Dennis, Mr. Barnes and the entire staff has been absolutely outstanding. This injury has been traumatic physically and emotionally. Dr. Rodriguez has really listened to what is most important to Caroline and has incorporated her wishes into the finest level of care. We are so fortunate to have this level of expertise in Sikeston.”

Stephanie G.

“I can’t praise Dr. Rudy Rodriguez enough. I had a shoulder replacement on December 2, 2014 and woke up the morning after with no pain for the first time in 7 years. After four therapy visits I am 100% satisfied with my outcome. I was to the point that I couldn’t dress myself in the mornings without being in horrible pain. When Dr. Rodriguez saw how bad my shoulder was, he and his staff worked to move me up in the surgery schedule, even though I know it wasn’t easy for them to do. I can’t say enough about the staff and about Dr. Rodriguez. I like the way he explains things so you know what is going to happen to you, and he is a professional who can bring himself down to my level and speak that “country-boy language.” No one should be scared to get a shoulder replacement. 99% of your outcome is doing what the doctor tells you to do, and I promise you’ll come out 100%.”


“I had a full hip replacement. Absolutely no more pain. Doing physical therapy they all wanted to know who did surgery (Dr. Rodriguez) because the scar left no ridges. Walking now with no assistance from any equipment, and NO MORE PAIN.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings concerning my recent experience at MDMC and MDMC Orthopaedics. Due to a fall, Dr. Rodriguez scheduled me for outpatient surgery at MDMC and follow up at MDMC Orthopaedics. The reception staff at both facilities were very courteous and the medical staff very professional and understanding. Thank you Dr. Rodriguez for all you and your staff did for me and for serving the needs of our community.”

Suzanne B.

“I had both my Hip and knee replaced within 5 months of each other. Dr. Rodriguez and the Staff (nurses, PA’s, receptionists, xray staff, everyone) were all great, very caring, knowledgeable about the process I was going through, kept me informed, all with a smile. I never had a question or concern that was not answered or addressed. The help and encouragement I received during the recovery of both these major surgeries was wonderful. Sikeston is very fortunate to have this level of Expertise and Care from the Doctors and Staff and MDMC Orthopaedics.”


“In March 2014 I had total knee replacement of my left knee. This procedure was performed by Dr. Rudy Rodriguez an Orthopaedic Surgeon at MDMC Orthopaedics. The procedure was done at MDMC where I was treated with great skill and care by all of the hospital staff and doctors. After the surgery I had rehabilitation at MDMC Restart. My total overall experience for this surgery exceeded my expectations of results.

In October of 2014 I had right knee total replacement surgery again by Dr. Rudy Rodriguez. With the same scenario as with my left knee, the outcome was equally beyond my expectations.

It has been over a year now since my left knee replacement, and 6 months since my right knee replacement. Through the very conscientious efforts of Dr. Rodriguez, his clinical staff, the staff at Missouri Delta Medical Center and of MDMC Restarts therapists, I am walking better without pain and no longer have the fear of falling that I had prior to the knee replacements.

If you are considering a joint replacement of any kind, in my opinion you should check with Dr. Rudy Rodriguez and the staff at Missouri Delta Orthopaedics. We no longer have to leave our area to have quality Orthopaedic services with the results that I can attest to will be equal or exceed your expectations. They were to mine.”

Brad W.

“Everyone was very professional and made a person feel cared for and comfortable. If there was a problem, they took care of it and I have been very pleased with my care. I can say happy and very concerning people work here.”

Pam W.

“Dr. Rodriguez was very concerned, very pleasant, and took all the time I needed. I’m thankful to have my hand and I never really had any pain. It didn’t really bother me or keep me up at night. I would recommend Dr. Rodriguez to anyone. He deserves recognition for all the great work he does.”

Betty H.

“January 2014 I was coming home late from work and I got a call from my husband that [our son] Carson would not quit crying after a seizure and a fall. I knew immediately it was a “hurt” cry as soon as I could hear him and I got home as fast as I could. My husband and I took Carson to MDMC ER where Dr. Rodriguez graciously met us and read Carson’s x-rays. Carson unfortunately had a proximal humerus fracture of his left arm post this seizure and fall. No surgery was warranted and Carson was placed in a sling and given pain medication. Carson was remaining in a lot of pain and unable to rest over the days to come. Dr. Rodirguez’s nurses Anne and Brandy had us bring Carson back in and Dr. Rodriguez and his staff made him a circumferential orthosis for his left arm to keep it immobilized and decrease pain while the fracture healed. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff did not give up on making Carson comfortable and as pain free as possible after his fracture. The x-ray technician Michelle was very patient and kind with Carson during each x-ray. The office staff was extremely timely in calling me back anytime we had any questions/concerns. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rodriguez and the entire staff at MDMC Orthopaedics. They truly went above and beyond to get Carson back in the game for his “Baseball Challenger” team!! Thanks again for giving such amazing care to our son!!!”

Tricia M.

“Everyone was very very good to me and I enjoyed my visit. Everyone was excellent to me.”

Yvonne E. 

“Dr Rodriguez and his staff have gone above and beyond to help (Robert Dunkman) we are going to Mayo Clinic for evaluation. Thanks to Dr Rodriguez for his care and concern for Bob’s condition ..we really appreciate him…Great ..very helpful and professional. Would recommend highly….”


“Friendly staff, my experience with Dr. Rudy and his staff was great, will give great reviews to anyone needing a ortho dr., Thank you”


“Being a nurse and dealing with several ortho surgeries through the years I have to say I was very apprehensive and anxious prior to my own repair. Dr. Rodriguez and his staff was reassuring and built my confidence and I was in fact at ease. His nurses and practitioner was kind and informative always and a big shout out should go to them as well! The hospital was amazing – so attentive and very clean. My recommendations will be strongly in favor of both the hospital and ortho clinic in Sikeston – Missouri Delta will definitely be my choice of hospital in the future. Thank you so much for your care!!”

Cathy V.

“I am a 61 year old woman that has suffered with knee pain for many years. I had [partial knee replacement] surgery January 28, 2016, performed by Dr. Rudy Rodriguez. I was in the hospital overnight, having therapy twice before I was discharged. I started therapy at Restart the following Tuesday. I have had little pain and had improved mobility immediately. I was released from therapy after 4 sessions, able to straighten my leg completely and bend it to a 120 degree angle. Dr. Rodriguez released me 15 days after my surgery! I am more mobile than I have been for years and experience no pain. I must complete a home exercise program to strengthen leg and thigh muscles and avoid high impact activities, but am thrilled with the results. Many, many thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, my nurses, and physical therapists that have worked to give me back my active lifestyle.”

Bonnie H.

“Great experience. Partial Knee Replacement. Would do it again. Dr. Rodriguez the best.”

John S.

“Staff at Ortho has always been very nice on every visit I have had 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful job.”

Terry L.

“I am currently starting my fifth week of rehab after Dr. Rodriguez performed a total knee replacement. While still building strength, I can now easily navigate stairs and walk without pain or fear of falling because of an unstable and badly damaged knee. My entire knee replacement experience, from initial consultation, to surgical procedure, and through post op, has been nothing short of a tremendously satisfying experience. Dr. Rodriguez and his entire office staff have been professional, caring and great to work with from day one! I would recommend his services to anyone needing orthopaedic care. Our community is blessed to have him here! Thank you, Dr. Rodriguez and staff!”

Keith C.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rodriguez for most of my life. He has done surgery on me and has taken very good care of me. I don’t like going to any other Dr’s at all. He know me and my body and I trust him and his staff fully. Great Dr he is.”

Donna J.

“Thanks for taking such great care of my son. Dr. Rodriguez made him feel very comfortable in what could have been a scary process, having to have surgery. The staff at the hospital was also great, answering every question his curious little mind could come up with. Every morning when he wakes up he asks if he’s going to school or to see Dr. Rodriguez. He’s disappointed when the answer is school. Thanks again.”

Matthew D.

“I had the most amazing experience. The surgical staff was wonderful. They all did an excellent job. The anesthesia staff were all excellent ensuring I had the greatest pain control. Dr. Rodriguez and ortho staff were awesome. Thanks so much to MDMC for an excellent experience! Sikeston proud!!”

Rebecca L.

“I am so thankful for Dr. Rodriguez, his staff, and Missouri Delta Medical Center and staff. I could not have received better care anywhere else! Everyone was so caring and nice! It was wonderful to see so many former students. I am so proud of them! Thanks so much!”

Murray S.

“I had total knee replacement on February 27 2017 Dr. Rodriguez did a fantastic job. I had minimal pain recovered very quickly only had physical therapy for 2 weeks. I think Dr Rodriguez is a great surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a knee replacement. I will need my other knee replaced within a year or so and I would not let anyone else do it but Dr. Rodriguez.”

Michael S.

“Greeted by friendly receptionist Morgan. Dr. Rodriguez and Lee Chesnick FNP were great at explaining how the surgery [fixation of left elbow fracture] was going to go. They were helpful in setting up home health for pt. and ot.”

Verna D.

“Lee Chesnick is so wonderful with my client [who is non-verbal]. She is always extra nice. She explains everything that is going on with him and what she is doing. I personally feel that he couldn’t have had a better person to care for his broken ankle. Please let her know that she is appreciated.”


“Lee [Chesnick] is an awesome provider.”

Jennifer B.

“Everyone was nice, helpful, and the doctor was as good as I’ve had in a longtime. Thanks.”

Barry B.

“I’m a 71 year old Vietnam Era vet and I can’t say enough about Dr. Rodriguez and his staff and assistants. Very professional yet caring and attentive to make sure everything is exactly right for a successful surgery and recovery with minimal pain. I would recommend Dr. Rodriguez and his team, he will make [sure] all bases are covered or he won’t do the surgery. With his talent and ‘The Good Lord’s Healing Hands’ he replaced both my knees a few months apart…it is great to be able to walk and ride my motorcycle without PAIN.”

Roger B.

“Dealing with my knee for many years affected my quality of life in many ways.  This last year I quit walking around the block, quit playing Pickleball at the YMCA, and quit playing with the grandkids on the floor.  Dr. Rodriguez changed everything for the better.

I had knee replacement this fall.  I am thankful I chose to have Dr. Rodriguez and his staff take care of the surgery.  He was extremely thorough and caring. He showed genuine interest in me and my progress.  I feel I had excellent care throughout my surgery, recovery, and rehab.

I had wonderful care at Missouri Delta and Restart.  Mike Greene was my physical therapist and he performed miracles to get me up and running (literally).  The whole staff at ReStart is delightful and so supportive.  Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez and his staff, Missouri Delta’s staff, and ReStart, I am now back to taking walks, getting on the floor with grandkids, and playing my favorite sport Pickleball. I have received a new lease on life from my new knee.”

Penny H.