Missouri Delta Foundation

Missouri Delta Medical Center Foundation was founded in 1991 by the late Jean Collins. The Foundation was established to raise money for the community hospital and to include the community while doing so. Due to the dedication of these directors, the journey and positive impact of the Missouri Delta Foundation has been incredible.

Just to name a few of the gracious donations:

  • The O’Bannon Family Care Center and O’Bannon Farm land in New Madrid
  • 18 dialysis machines along with construction of a dialysis unit (the Sikeston Jaycees helped raise money for this unit),
  • The Foundation provides scholarships to future doctors and nurses and encourage them to return to Sikeston and practice at Missouri Delta Medical Center.  Most of the scholarships were donated by families who had ties to the medical field in memory of their loved ones.
  • The Foundation has also received a deferred gift upon the death of June Barton which entailed farm land and a large cash donation.
  • The purchase of the Jolly Building was made possible by being a recipient of the Jolly Estate.
  • Support from the employees of Missouri Delta Medical Center is astounding. The employees are some of the largest donors and it’s greatly appreciated.
  • A successful Emergency Department Campaign that was fruitful because of the support from the employees at Missouri Delta, the community, grants and the time donated by our volunteers who personally asked community members and businesses to stand tall and support the campaign.
  • Mammograms for the under-insured or not insured and plush, spa type robes for Mammography
  • C-Arm Chairs
  • State of the art Stryker Wheel Chairs
  • Medical Scholarships
  • Employee Assistance

Our Foundation

The Missouri Delta Medical Center Foundation was established in 1991 as a not-for-profit 501 C-3 and is the chief fundraising arm for Missouri Delta Medical Center.  Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $6 million for essential projects at Missouri Delta Medical Center.  The beauty of giving to Missouri Delta Medical Center Foundation is that no gift is too small to make a significant impact.

For your convenience, you can donate to the Foundation ensuring our mission to assist, advance and strengthen Missouri Delta Medical Center.  For more information call 573-472-7525 or email foundation@missouridelta.com.

Ways to Give

The beauty of giving to the Missouri Delta Medical Center Foundation is that no gift is too small to make a significant impact. A donation of any amount can also be directed to the area at Missouri Delta Medical Center that has the most meaning for the donor.  If you would like more information about any of the giving opportunities, please contact the Executive Director at 573.472.7525.

Gift of Cash or Cash Equivalents

One of the simplest way to support Missouri Delta Medical Center is an outright gift of cash made in a single installment or as a pledge to be fulfilled over several years.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities (stocks and bonds)

Individuals can support Missouri Delta Medical Center with appreciated securities, such as stocks and bonds.

Memorials and Tributes

Donations to Missouri Delta Medical Center in lieu of traditional presents for birthdays, weddings, funerals and other special occasions provide an opportunity to support the hospital and pay tribute to family members or friends.

Event Sponsorships

Donations may be made in the form of event sponsorships for one of our signature Missouri Delta Medical Center events such as the Benefit Ball or annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon.

Matching Gifts

Individual gifts can be enhance through employer programs that make a matching contribution when employees donate to Missouri Delta Medical Center.

Bequests or Wills

Individuals can make a special gift by naming Missouri Delta Medical Center in a will, also know as a bequest. Bequests of cash, securities, real estate or personal property (art or jewelry) can be designated as unrestricted or directed to a special area. A bequest could provide tax estate benefits.

Life Insurance

Individuals can designate Missouri Delta Medical Center as the beneficiary to a life insurance policy that may no longer be needed for its original purpose.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate (land investment property or home residence) help to support Missouri Delta Medical Center and may provide tax benefits.

Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts can be used as a source of charitable giving in a variety of ways.

Savings Accounts and Certificate of Deposits

Funds in saving accounts and certificates of deposits can support Missouri Delta Medical Center if the hospital is a join owner of the account with rights of survivorship only. Consult with an attorney or financial planner who is knowledgeable about estate planning and familiar with the laws in the state where you live.

Corporate Gifts

Making a gift to Missouri Delta Medical Center is not only an important contribution to your local hospital…it’s also a gift that shows you care about the community and it’s residents.

Foundation Gifts

Foundation giving allows community groups to align their gifts with specific programs and target their resources where they will have the most impact.