Why Choose Us

At Missouri Delta, our maternity patients have access to some of the best specialists and care providers anywhere, including:

  • Board-certified Obstetricians
  • Board-certified Pediatricians
  • Specially trained obstetric nurses
  • Dedicated anesthesia team
  • Lactation specialist

Labor and Delivery

Throughout each stage of your child’s birth — pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care — Missouri Delta Medical Center’s experienced staff works closely with you and your family.

We offer private birthing suites and a range of options that allow you to create a birth plan that meets your unique physical, emotional and family needs.

Our birthing suites and private rooms for mothers and babies are designed with the comfort and privacy of patients and families in mind.

For more information, call us at 573-472-7100.

Complete care for you and your baby

Our team works to ensure your safety and comfort before, during and after the delivery of your precious gift.

  • Childbirth education. Missouri Delta offers free childbirth, post-partum, newborn care, and breastfeeding classes to help prepare women, their partners and families for the arrival of their baby. For an explanation of each class and to register, please clink on the link.
  • 24-hour coverage. We provide 24/7 OB physician coverage for your safety and convenience. Our highly trained nurses are immediately available to examine you, evaluate the progress of your labor and respond to any questions you may have.
  • Safety. Missouri Delta Women’s and Children’s Center is a secure environment with restricted access. Visitors to the unit will be welcomed by staff after pressing a call button at the entrance and revealing a special code provided by the patient. Your baby will receive an infant protection electronic tag designed to trigger an alarm if the baby is taken close to an exit door.
  • Pain management. For your comfort during childbirth, we offer a number of options to help manage your labor pain, with or without medication. Labor epidurals are available 24 hours a day from our experience anesthesiology team.
  • Cesarean sections. C-sections are performed in our dedicated Operating Room located in the Labor and Delivery department.
  • Time to Bond and Rest. We know that immediate skin-to-skin contact and early breastfeeding are the best way for you and your baby to bond. We also know the importance of the “Golden Hour”, the first hour immediately after delivery. Please talk to you physician and educate your family on your desires. Your baby can spend almost all of his or her hospital stay with you. Or you can rest, knowing our nurses are looking after your newborn.
  • Newborn assessment. Immediately after birth, your baby’s health and vital signs will be assessed, but this can be performed while doing skin-to-skin as long as baby is transitioning well.
  • Level II Nursery. If your baby experiences any medical complications after birth, our level II nursery is equipped to provide comprehensive, specialized care.
  • Lactation consultations. We offer breastfeeding mothers the information, confidence and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies. To schedule a consultation, please call 472-7535. Our lactation consultant is also available on the floor when you deliver your precious bundle of joy.
  • Dedicated emergency care. If you are experiencing any symptoms of pre-term labor or other serious issues while you are pregnant, we have a dedicated team of experts to help you. Any expectant mother in need of urgent medical care is encouraged to come straight to the Emergency Department and after triage, will be sent directly to the Labor and Delivery unit.
  • Special amenities. Our large and spacious rooms feature flat-screen TVs, private bathrooms and sleeping accommodations for a family member or significant other. Our cafeteria is open daily and family members are welcome to purchase items. Many local restaurants offer delivery services to the Medical Center. Of course, moms meals are provided during her hospital say. Our Food Services team will send a special frozen meal home with you so you can focus on your newborn! Newborn hospital photographers are available onsite to capture your precious new bundle of joy. Pre-approved, patient-provided photographers are also welcome, in accordance with our visitors’ policy.