Missouri Delta Achieved the Gold Award

Missouri Delta Medical Center has received the TMF Hospital Quality Improvement Gold Award, a quality improvement award from TMF® Health Quality Institute Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals. The award recognizes Missouri Delta Medical Center’s efforts to improve patient outcomes on select national quality measures. Out of all 557 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS or Acute Care) Hospitals and 188 Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), 51 earned the TMF Hospital Quality Improvement Gold Award.

The TMF Hospital Quality Improvement Award honors hospitals that are performing quality initiatives aimed at improving outcomes in patient care by recognizing those hospitals that have improved their performance on specific national quality measures.

“We are proud to have achieved the top Hospital Quality Improvement Award and will continue working hard to enhance our quality improvement efforts,” said Jason Schrumpf, President and CEO.

“TMF is proud to recognize these hospitals for promoting quality improvement activities and their senior management for promoting a quality culture,” said Tom Manley, CEO of TMF Health Quality Institute. “Quality improvement is a complex and demanding process, and we thank Missouri Delta Medical Center for their commitment to improving the health of patients and the efficiency of health care.”

For more information on the awards program, visit the TMF Health Quality Institute awards website at https://award.tmf.org.