Missouri Hospital Association Recognizes Eric Slaughter, RN, BSN

MHA: 100 years of helping hospitals

To celebrate 100 years of helping hospitals, Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) solicited hundreds of stories of individuals representing the hospitals throughout Missouri. Our very own Eric Slaughter, RN, BSN, was chosen for their Top 100! #MoHospitals100

August 29, 2022
Missouri Hospital Association

Missouri hospitals are filled with exceptional people with extraordinary stories, like Eric Slaughter from Missouri Delta Medical Center.

“I went into health care because I wanted to help people. I loved bedside nursing, but I embraced new challenges and stepped into the role of the infection control, safety and emergency preparedness nurse at our hospital because I wanted to help not only the patients in our community but also my coworkers and other health care workers.

With the pandemic, I really had to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges to keep our community safe.

One of the things I am most proud of in the COVID-19 pandemic is the implementation of one of the regional monoclonal antibody infusion centers. It was a massive amount of work to get that site approved and coordinated. We treated hundreds of people with those infusions at a time when we had very little hospital capacity, and we were able to keep people out of the hospital and save lives.”