What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is the sub-specialty of Internal Medicine concerned with kidney disease.

What is Nephrology Care?

Nephrologists at Missouri Delta Medical Center focus on the treatment of patients with kidney problems, providing a complete range of diagnosis and treatment strategies in all stages of kidney disease from the earliest detectable change in kidney function through dialysis and transplantation.

If you have a challenging kidney condition, you deal not only with your disease but also with the complications that often accompany it. Our nephrologists, Cyriacus Anaele, MD and Justin Bain, DO provide comprehensive treatments and the newest innovations in care specifically for kidney problems.

What are the treatment options?

A nephrologist’s primary goal is to preserve the remaining kidney function.

There are many potential treatments, depending on the patient’s specific kidney problem. These may include medications to control problems such as inflammation of the kidneys, or they may require discontinuing other medications that could be harmful to kidney function. Dietary changes might also be appropriate. In almost all kidney diseases, control of high blood pressure is critically important to preserve kidney function.