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After Hours On-Call


Once the call has been made to our After Hours On-Call service, you will be instructed on location to meet with an Occupational Medicine Tech. If you have an emergency situation please go directly to the Emergency Room, where you can request a drug screen after the patient has been evaluated. For more information on this service, please contact Lisa Heuring at 573-472-7423.

Workers Compensation

Injury Assessment

This can be provided to determine whether or not an injury or illness is work related. Missouri Delta Medical Center has specialty physicians to handle all types of injuries.

Return to Work Plan

We can provide return to work plans after an employee has been off for an illness/injury.

Pre-employment and Fit for Duty Testing

Performed at Missouri Delta’s ReStart with WorkWell™ certified physical therapists. ReStart will evaluate the employee to ensure they are safe and able to do their job after being off work for an extended time due to non work-related injuries.

Functional Capacity Evaluations through WorkWell™

Comprehensive, detailed testing of the injured worker based off of their job description that is used to determine if he or she can perform their job after injury.

Functional Job Analysis

Performed on-site by WorkWell™ certified physical therapists. Used to create accurate job descriptions for an employer as well as for risk assessment and reducing injuries.

Work Conditioning/Work Hardening through WorkWell™

Specialized work rehab focused on the employee’s job description that aims to get the injured employee back to work. Specialized equipment such as BTE work simulator and other tools are used.

Updating/Developing Accurate Job Descriptions

Performed on-site with WorkWell™ certified physical therapists.


Medical Services

Alcohol Screening

We are able to provide breath, blood and urine alcohol screenings.

Drug Screening Programs

Drug Screening can help reduce employee absenteeism and improve safety at your workplace. We are able to provide urine, hair and saliva drug testing. We provide DOT Drug Testing (Lab Based) and Non-DOT Drug Testing (Lab Based and Rapid Testing). The Missouri Delta Occupational Medicine providers reviewing the drug test results are Certified Medical Review officers. We also offer on-site random drug screening.


Ensures employee can wear a respirator without complications.


Simple vision includes near and far testing with Snellen wall chart. Titmus: Full vision includes near, intermediate, far depth perception, fields, lateral/vertical phoria, monocular and vinocular. Ishihara: Color test using 14 or 24 plates Ishilhara.


Our Ambco 1000 audiometer is a microprocessor controlled, pure tone air conduction audiometer. Testing frequencies 500 to 8,000 Hz.

Immunization Programs

Immunizations can reduce downtime associated with infectious illnesses, and these programs can be provided at one of our clinics or on your premises. We are able to provide Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza, MMR, Tetanus, PPD, and Pneumococcal Vaccines.

Diagnostic Testing

Examples of lab testing include CMP, LIPID, CBC, Blood Sugar, PSA, and EKG.

Pre-Employment Medical Physicals
DOT Physicals: Commercial Drivers License Exam
Respirator Clearance Exams: OSHA questionnaire paper clearance—Qualitative and Quantitative
Health Fairs and Educational Services