Patient Testimonials

“I have been amazed by the changes here, better change. Things have improved here and I’m happy with the changes and the care I’ve received.”-2F

“I am grateful to everyone at Missouri Delta who made the surgery and stay so pleasant. We couldn’t have had a more pleasant, professionals to care for her.”-OB

“Everything was excellent, don’t change a thing.”

“I was very appreciative of the service I received. Members of the staff at the office and hospital were wonderful. I used to go to Cape if I needed something, but I’ve changed my mind. The changes here have been for very good!”

“I have yet to have a bad experience at Missouri Delta.”

“So happy Dr. Freeman is now coming to Missouri Delta. Living in Dexter, it is such a blessing for me- the staff was absolutely wonderful. Thanks to each of them. Highly recommend!”

“I am so impressed with Missouri Delta. Everyone was so friendly and caring. The best treatment I have ever had. I am very, very pleased. Keep up the good work!”

“I’ve always received excellent care at Missouri Delta.”

“Your services are as great as St. Francis. Keep up the good work.”

“Dr. Lilard is one of the more caring doctors I have ever had. The nursing staff in outpatient surgery are caring and understanding to your needs and concerns. The level of care I received form the nurses and staff was excellent.”

“All the staff was great. Better experience than the ones I’ve had at Barnes-Jewish.”

“I’ve had a very positive experience. The whole staff has been friendly, polite, and caring. Some of them remember me from when my mother was here, they stick their heads in and say ‘Hi’. You can tell the staff here, their hearts are into it.”

“I used to think St. Francis was the place to go, but now I know better. I wouldn’t use any other hospital now. I’ve had a wrist surgery, a knee replacement, and now knee surgery here.”

“I’ve been coming here for 20 years. I’ve been treated like a king. Everyone does a terrific job.”