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Early detection and a fast, accurate diagnosis is the key to overcoming breast cancer. That’s why Missouri Delta is proud to offer the most significant advances available for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Our new 3Dimensions system (installed Fall 2021) is designed to provide higher quality 3D images for radiologists and a more comfortable mammography experience for patients. Sharper images and smarter technologies continue to help find invasive cancers regardless of age or breast density.

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Missouri Delta Mammography introduces ProFound AI™, the first FDA-Cleared 3D mammography software using artificial intelligence 

Breast cancer screening has improved significantly in recent years with the advent of 3D mammography, or digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). While traditional 2D mammography typically yields four images per patient, 3D mammography produces hundreds of images per patient, providing doctors with more information and better images than ever before. DBT helps doctors find cancers earlier, when they may be more easily treated, with fewer false positives, which can be stressful for patients. 

Our facility recently adopted new technology that further maximizes the benefits DBT offers to women. ProFound AI™ for DBT is the first FDA-cleared 3D tomosynthesis software using artificial intelligence (AI). The technology is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to enhance breast cancer detection, while significantly reducing the rate of false positives and unnecessary recalls for women. 

What is a 3D mammography breast exam?

3D mammography is a revolutionary new screening and diagnostic tool designed for early breast cancer detection that can be done in conjunction with a traditional 2D digital mammogram.

During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over your breast, taking multiple breast images. Then, a computer produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in one millimeter slices, providing greater visibility for the radiologist to see breast detail in a way never before possible. They can scroll through images of your entire breast like pages of a book.

The additional 3D images make it possible for a radiologist to gain a better understanding of your breast tissue during screening and the confidence to reduce the need for follow-up imaging.

How does ProFound AI work? 

ProFound AI for DBT acts as another pair of eyes for radiologists reviewing 3D mammography images. Built with the latest in artificial intelligence, it rapidly and accurately analyzes each 3D mammogram image, detecting cancers with unrivaled accuracy. It provides crucial information to your doctor and alerts them if suspicious areas may warrant a closer look.

ProFound AI for DBT is FDA-cleared and clinically proven in a large reader study to improve cancer detection by 8% and reduce the rate of false positives and unnecessary recalls for women by 7%.

ACR Accreditation

In December, 2021, Missouri Delta Medical Center was again awarded a three-year term of accreditation in mammography as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR gold seal of accreditation represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards after a peer-review evaluation by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs are assessed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) or 3D mammography?

3D mammography is a breast cancer screening test that captures hundreds of images of each breast per patient, offering improved image quality and more information than traditional 2D mammography, which typically only generates four images per patient. 3D mammography offers women a number of benefits compared to 2D mammography, including improved cancer detection, with fewer false positives and unnecessary recalls, which can be stressful for patients.

What is ProFound AI?

ProFound AI is the first FDA-cleared 3D tomosynthesis software using AI. It rapidly and accurately analyzes each 3D mammogram image, detecting cancers with unrivaled accuracy and alerting radiologists if suspicious areas may warrant a closer look.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced form of computer science that allows computers to learn and work like humans. AI is used in healthcare to help doctors review large amounts of data more quickly and accurately.

Why is ProFound AI built on artificial intelligence?

AI enables ProFound AI to rapidly and accurately analyze each 3D mammogram image, detecting cancers with unrivaled accuracy. Trained with one of the largest available 3D mammography datasets, ProFound AI rapidly compares your mammography images against those it has learned from and alerts radiologists if suspicious areas may warrant a closer look.

How does this technology benefit women?

ProFound AI further maximizes the benefits 3D mammography offers to women. It acts as another pair of eyes for doctors and is clinically proven to improve cancer detection by 8%, while reducing false positives by 7%, compared to 3D mammography alone.

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