Our Employee of the Month program was established to highlight the exceptional efforts of individuals working at Missouri Delta Medical Center. Such individuals stand out among their peers not only for the successful execution of their work assignments, but also because of their dedication, creativity, and actions toward improving the atmosphere we all work in and increasing the welfare of patients and fellow staff members.

Meet our most recent Employee of the Month winners:

May 2023- Michelle Chidester

April 2023- Michelle Flanigan

March 2023- Chad Ledbetter

February 2023- Sally Hammontree

January 2023- Alexandria McPhail

December 2022- Mindy Gadberry

November 2022- Shannon Nelson

October 2022- Tristina McMackin

September 2022- Christina Jarrett

August 2022- Anita Jackson

July 2022- Norma Jaco

June 2022- DeLisa Jackson

May 2022- Betty Duncan

April 2022- Toby Burton

March 2022- Patricia Hausser

February 2022- Jill Ortiz

January 2022- Chris Brown