Welcome to Missouri Delta Medical Center

Missouri Delta Medical Center has been providing comprehensive medical care to the people of Southeast Missouri since 1948. Our doctors specialize in a wide range of medical services, and our staff focuses on offering personalized, compassionate care to you and your family.

At our facility, you can find a wide array of medical professionals ranging from family doctors to internists to specialty surgeons. We understand that everyone’s medical needs are different, and that these needs change as we age. That’s why we work hard to maintain a highly assertive and talented staff that can quickly and effectively provide you with exactly what you need.

Good health care begins on day one. If you are searching for the perfect Gynecologist or Pediatrician, take a look through our online list of physicians. Missouri Delta Medical Center is proud to have over 84 physicians on medical staff in over 25 different areas of healthcare, to ensure you find the perfect match.

For some, the main hospital in Sikeston is a little far from home. Missouri Delta Medical Center includes several walk-in clinics around Southeast Missouri, all of which are equipped to handle an array of illnesses and injuries. Around the clock urgent care is always available at our main campus emergency room. We also have Express Care for less urgent, though immediate health concerns.

Come to Missouri Delta Medical Center for the best orthopedic surgeons, radiology, labor and delivery, and inpatient rehab in Sikeston.

Our Ratings

We greatly cherish the feedback that we receive from patients and visitors. We hold our hospital to a high standard and our ratings prove that to be true.

Top Performer

All medical centers of Missouri Delta are fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Joint Commission accreditation means that a hospital voluntarily sought accreditation and met national health, quality, and safety standards. The Joint Commission conducts on-site surveys to review the hospital’s medical and nursing care, physical condition, life safety program, special care units, pharmacy services, infection control practices, and other areas that affect patient care.

At Missouri Delta, we understand how important reliable information is to you and your family when making healthcare decisions. Visit the Joint Commission to learn more about quality and safety in healthcare.

The Gold Award

Missouri Delta Medical Center achieved the Gold Award from the TMF Health Quality Institute from the Hospital Quality Improvement Awards Committee. The Hospital Quality Improvement Award recognizes quality improvement initiatives that enhance the outcome of patient care and improvement of performance on specific national quality measures.

In 2019, Missouri Delta Medical Center was one of only 51 hospitals to receive the highest possible award, the Gold Award.

If you have a Complaint or a Grievance

As our patient, you can expect and are entitled to effective and satisfactory health care.

If you believe your patient rights have been violated, immediately contact the Manager of the Area or ask that the Patient Representative be notified. They will address the problem and work to arrive at a solution.

If the problem persists or if, in your opinion, there is no satisfactory resolution you have the right to file a formal written grievance with the Patient Representative 573-472-7591. You may also file a grievance directly with the Missouri Department of Health (800-392-0210), the state peer review organization (800-347-1016) or The Joint Commission at (800-994-6610).

Missouri Delta Medical Center has a continuing commitment to provide you with the most personalized care possible in order to facilitate a pleasant and comfortable hospital experience.