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Missouri Delta Medical Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Here you can receive care for both major and minor health emergencies or traumas, as well as non-urgent illnesses and injuries.

We are glad to maintain a facility that is available for all emergencies, regardless of the time of day, age of the patient and severity of the medical condition.  Our Emergency department is equipped with the most advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of ailments.  If you are in Sikeston or the surrounding area, know that you can come to Missouri Delta Medical Center any time, for any reason.

For emergency care, simply come to our ER.  You will be seen quickly, and by a professional who is genuinely concerned and ready to listen to you.  Whether you are dealing with an illness or traumatic injury, you can feel reassured by the skill of our emergency care department.

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Missouri Delta Achieves Level III Stroke Center Designation

October 2022 – Throughout the past two years, Missouri Delta has been providing additional training, education, updating policies and procedures to make the necessary stroke care enhancements to be designated a level III stroke center in the state’s Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) system. We are excited to announce that on October 29th, 2022, we received a 3-year stroke center designation by the state.

The Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) system, created in 2013 through the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, is a statewide emergency medical care response system aimed at providing a quicker response and higher quality care when a time critical emergency such as stroke happens. The goal of the TCD system is to create consistent, statewide rules and regulations to help EMS, EMTs and hospital personnel ensure patients are being transported to and treated by the most appropriate facility for their needs.

“A stroke is a time critical medical emergency requiring a rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment,” says Chris Hawkins, Missouri Delta Emergency Department Director. “Patients must receive care within the shortest amount of time to minimize injury to the brain to improve prognosis.”

The TCD system implements four levels of hospital designation across the state, with Level I considered the highest based on services offered. Once a hospital completes the rigorous process to become a designated stroke center, hospitals are then required to meet strict state guidelines and undergo a rigorous survey in another three years. While the decision to apply for a stroke center designation is a voluntary one, the achievement speaks volumes about the dedication Missouri Delta employees have to provide our patients the absolute best care and outcome.