Non-Invasive Diagnostic Services

The non-invasive Cardiology Department at Missouri Delta Medical Center offers a complete range of diagnostic cardiology procedures.  Testing is provided by a qualified staff of registered Nurses, Cardiac Sonographers, and cardiology technicians with over 140 years of combined experience.  Procedures performed using state-of-the art equipment:


(EKG, ECG) – An electrocardiogram is a measure of the heart rhythm, rate, and electrical impulses


An echocardiogram is a type of ultrasound technique used for viewing and assessing the heart.

Holter Monitor 

(24/48 hour) – A holter monitor is a portable EKG that can be worn underneath clothing to continuously monitor for heart rhythm./rate abnormalities.

30 Day Event Monitor 

A monitor is worn for 30 days, allowing the patient to press a button to record when an abnormality is felt.

Exercise Stress Test 

(Treadmill) – An exercise stress test is used to evaluate the hearts function while performing activities.

Nuclear Stress Test 

The Cardiolite Nuclear Stress Test is perform in junction with a treadmill or with Lexiscan if unable to walk on a treadmill.

Stress Echhocardiography/Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography 

These tests combine the modalities of echocardiography ultrasound with cardiac stress testing to evaluate the heart.  We can use a treadmill or if the patient is unable to walk, a medicine called Dobutamine is used instead to simulate exercise in the heart.

Test used to assess for Peripheral Artery Disease


Ankle Brachial Index

(ABI) – A quick, painless test to assess for peripheral artery disease

Segmental Pressures 

A test to assess for peripheral artery disease using cuffs and a doppler to pinpoint area of narrowing/blockage.