Missouri Delta Implements New Electronic Health Record System

September 21, 2017 As part of the commitment to provide the highest quality of care possible to Sikeston and the surrounding communities, Missouri Delta Medical center has partnered with Cerner to implement a suite of health care information technology (IT) software solutions. Based in Kansas City, Cerner is a global leader in health care technology.

We are consolidating multiple applications from various suppliers into one integrated platform with Cerner’s electronic health record (EHR) system. An EHR is a digital version of a person’s complete medical history. There are immense benefits that our patients and community members will experience from this EHR. Having a complete medical history stored digitally will make it easier for physicians to coordinate patients’ care.

Cerner’s solutions are market-leading in health care ‘interoperability,’ the term coined to describe the free flow of patient information among providers, regardless of health IT supplier or geographic location. Not only are Cerner’s solutions built on an open platform, but with more and more Missouri hospitals selecting Cerner’s full suite of EHR solutions, the surrounding community will benefit from access to one true patient record.

Other benefits from the new system for Missouri Delta include:

Ensuring medication safety. When prescribing medications, physicians can access a patient’s medical history, including allergies and diagnostic results, to ensure accurate medication administration.

Reducing medical errors. If a physician were to inadvertently prescribe an adult dose to a child, the decision support features within the system would alert him or her of the potential overdose as well as drug interactions and alternatives.

Providing quality care. The use of standardized treatment guidelines promotes evidence-based, effective and consistent care for every patient while enabling quality improvement and operational efficiency.

Reducing transcription errors. All care is documented electronically, virtually eliminating the possibility of errors due to illegible handwriting.

Improving access to information. Clinicians have instant access to patient information when and where they need it and no longer have to spend time searching for misplaced paper charts.

“Our employees and medical staff are working hard and have put in countless hours to learn the new system”, explains Jason Schrumpf, President and CEO of Missouri Delta Medical Center. “Despite their tireless effort, there still maybe some delays or unexpected issues that surface during the transition period. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process. Thank you and we look forward to using this new technology platform to better serve you for many years to come.”