Over a 4 year period, 500 adolescents in Southeast Missouri needed treatment from Bootheel Counseling and our Juvenile Offices in Scott and Mississippi, alone. Between July 2017 and March 2018 over 60 adolescent patients from Bootheel Counseling Services in Sikeston, needed inpatient behavioral health services. Due to the lack of adolescent behavioral health treatment options within a 60 mile radius of Sikeston; Missouri Delta is launching an effort to fulfill the community’s need by planning to open a 15 bed inpatient adolescent behavioral health unit.

Our Plan of Action

Missouri Delta Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit will provide intensive treatment for patients ages 11-17. Conditions treated include: mood disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, suicidal ideations and ADHD. Adolescents admitted to this program are usually experiencing a crisis or have become overwhelmed with personal or family problems Individuals admitted to this program receive psychological, behavioral and/or pharmacological, interventions that requires a safe environment, a structured and supportive social atmosphere, and intensive therapeutic intervention. Treatment staff is multidisciplinary and includes nurses, social workers, mental health technicians, activity therapists and certified teachers working as a team under the direction of a Psychiatrist. Every aspect of this program is intended to assist patients in making a rapid and complete recovery. Aside from fulfilling a need for our youth in the community, this new unit will create 20-25 new jobs in Sikeston.

Below are a few of the specialized ligature-resistant hardware that will be used in the new Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit.